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The beginning of life on Earth
It may not be widely known, but life’s very existence is directly connected to molybdenum. As one of a handful of essential elements, molybdenum helps the human body – and all other living things – perform key life-supporting processes. Molybdenum even played an important role in the very beginnings of life on Earth, billions of years ago.
Mining gold with moly
Modern electronic gadgets contain dozens of metals crammed into the smallest possible space. The construction is such that they are nearly impossible to disassemble for recycling. Highly reactive supercritical water can facilitate “mining” of precious-metals from this electronic waste. Because of the corrosive process environment, molybdenum containing nickel alloys are needed for the vats.
Molding plastics with molybdenum
Molybdenum-alloyed mold steels are a key component of plastic injection-molding machines. They must be easy to machine into complex geometries that mirror the finished molding, resist deformation and wear under the stress and abrasion of the process, and be able to maintain a high surface polish for long production runs. Molybdenum is a vital alloying element in meeting these requirements.
Stainless steel stops leaks
Repair sleeves are found in the tool box of virtually every water utility. They allow quick repair of leaking water pipes without replacing them. Often fabricated from molybdenum-grade Type 316 stainless steel, they reduce water wastage and are yet another way that molybdenum helps sustain Earth’s resources.
Strong sustainable storage tanks
Duplex stainless steel storage tanks are increasingly being used due to their long, low-maintenance service life. Surprisingly, they can also reduce initial costs for tank owners. The higher strength of duplex grades permits thinner walls requiring less steel. Because costly protective coatings or cathodic protection are not necessary, they can compete on installed cost with carbon steel tanks.