Availability of LCI Data

The IMOA Executive Committee is committed to promoting the highest standards possible in all activities relating to LCA studies.This includes providing LCI results to interested third parties and contributing to the wider debate on Life Cycle activities to ensure that the molybdenum LCI data is viewed in the correct context. As such, IMOA is pleased to make its LCI data available to those organisations engaged in the serious pursuit of applying good quality LCI data to LCA studies that are performed in accordance with the ISO standards on LCA. 

Organisations wishing to obtain the molybdenum LCI data are requested to complete the Data Request Form on-line.

Alternatively, you may download the form and complete it at your convenience.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, the IMOA representative will evaluate the request and respond to the inquiry. For more information, please email the IMOA representative handling LCI data requests at: IMOA_LCI_info@fourelementsllc.com