Sustainability vision

The following principles are the foundation of our endeavour to be actively responsible to society and the environment, while demonstrating the contribution molybdenum and its applications make to sustainable development. We strive to:

  • Develop a wider understanding of the valuable part molybdenum can play in creating a more sustainable future
  • Develop business practices and future strategy that incorporate sustainability
  • Proactively invest in scientific research that supports the development of science-based legislation and regulation to protect human health and the environment and to develop improved applications, processes and products
  • Share knowledge of, and actively encourage, responsible health, safety and environmental practices within the molybdenum value chain
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations and promote best practice within the industry
  • Produce and disseminate validated information that demonstrates the positive impacts of selecting molybdenum
  • Communicate effectively and transparently with our stakeholders

Download the 'Vision' as a pdf (250 K)