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REACH Molybdenum Consortium

The REACH Molybdenum Consortium (MoCon) is an initiative of the International Molybdenum Association (IMOA).  Established in 2007, it was formed to assist those companies that join to achieve REACH-registration for any of the 12 molybdenum substances in the MoCon portfolio.  REACH is a European Union Regulation.
MoCon prepared the technical content of the REACH-registration dossiers submitted in 2010 by the Lead Registrants for the MoCon substances.  It also prepares technical dossier updates as and when required.  The most recent updates were submitted to the European Chemicals Agency in 2021.
Non-members of MoCon are able to purchase a Letter of Access  (LoA) in order to achieve their REACH co-registrations.  An LoA grants a ‘right to refer’ to the LR technical dossier.

More info: www.molybdenumconsortium.org

E-mail the MoCon Secretariat