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Questions about the study

1. For which molybdenum containing product(s) are you requesting data?

2. What are the goals and scope of the study in which the Mo LCI data will be used?

3. What are the system boundaries (brief description)?

4. What are the geographical boundaries?

5. What kind of data are used for this study (example: primary or secondary; a mix of plant data and LCA software databases; etc.)?

6. Has the study been commissioned by a third party? Please specify.

7. Are other third parties involved in the study (examples: consultants, research institutes, government, customers, etc.)? Please specify.

8. Will the study be conducted in adherence to the ISO standards on LCA (1404x series)?

9. Will comparisons be made in the study? If yes, what is being compared?

10. Will your study undergo an external critical review?

11. Would Mo industry participation be required or welcomed for your study?

12. Will the study results be made available to the public? If no, could they be made available to IMOA (for informational purposes only)?

Disclosure Agreement
I agree not to disclose to third parties the LCI data received from IMOA or use the data for other projects without prior agreement with the IMOA industry representative.

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