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Stainless Solutions

E-newsletter for architecture, building and construction

This archive contains »Stainless Solutions« newsletters. Each edition covers a different stainless steel issue, with tips on design and specification as well as links to technical resources.

Stainless Solutions was discontinued in 2018. However, this archive of past editions offers a wealth of information.

Stainless Solutions archive

Issue 39, May 2018: Designing for the Disabled and Elderly with Stainless Steel

Issue 38, May 2018: Preserving Water Resources with Stainless Steel

Issue 37, March 2018: Stainless Steel in Vehicular, Rail and Pedestrian Bridges

Issue 36, January 2018: Avoiding Building & Structure Galvanic Corrosion


Issue 35, December 2017: New 2018 Stainless Steel Library

Issue 34, November 2017: New Structural Stainless Steel Resources

Issue 33, October 2017: Stainless Steel in Bathrooms

Issue 32, September 2017: Stainless Steel Light, Flag & Signage Poles

Issue 31, August 2017: Stainless Steel Mechanically Applied Finishes: Specification, Durability & Corrosion Performance

Issue 30, July 2017: Stainless Steel Fire Performance & Radiant Heat Transfer

Issue 29, May 2017: Sunscreen Design

Issue 28, April 2017: Durable Stainless Street & Park Furniture

Issue 27, March 2017: China - Long Term Performance of Stainless Curtain Wall

Issue 26, February 2017: Stainless Steel on Exterior Walls


Issue 25, October 2016: Stainless Steel Roofing

Issue 24, September 2016: Railings, Walkways, Platforms and Stairs in Corrosive Environments

Issue 23, August 2016: Whole Building Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

Issue 22, June 2016: Stainless sculptures and monuments

Issue 21, May 2016: Stainless Steel in Swimming Pools & Spa Tubs

Issue 20, April 2016: Black & Grey Colored Stainless Steel

Issue 19, March 2016: Stainless Steel Educational Programs

Issue 18, February 2016: Colored Stainless Steel: Specification & Problem Avoidance

Issue 17, January 2016: Green or Living Walls


Issue 16, November 2015: Cutting Edge Pedestrian Bridge Design

Issue 15, October 2015: Selecting Stainless Steel for New York’s Expanding Skyline

Issue 14, September 2015: 2015 Stainless Steel Building & Construction Library

Issue 13, August 2015: Specifying Structural Sections

Issue 12, July 2015: Specifying Flat Panels

Issue 11, June 2015: Stainless Steel Specifications & Guidelines

Issue 10, May 2015: Sustainable Resources

Issue 9, April 2015: Austenitic Stainless Steel

Issue 8, March 2015: Stainless Steel Finish Specification

Issue 7, February 2015: Structural Restoration With Stainless Steel

Issue 6, January 2015: Assessing the Corrosiveness of Coastal Environments


Issue 5, December 2014: Duplex Stainless Steel Resources

Issue 4, November 2014: Second-skin façade weather screens

Issue 3, October 2014: New Resource – Stainless Building & Construction Library

Issue 2, September 2014: New Developments - Stainless Steel Structural Design

Issue 1, August 2014: Spring Staining Problems?