October 2014

Welcome to ‘Stainless Solutions’ from IMOA. Each month, we will cover a different stainless steel issue with tips on design and specification, and links to technical resources. This month we are highlighting our new library.
New Resource – Stainless Building & Construction Library

Architects, engineers, fabricators, building owners, contractors, and others working with stainless steel in building and construction can now get all the technical resources they need in one place – at no charge.  The International Molybdenum Association and the Nickel Institute have compiled a comprehensive, downloadable stainless steel library consisting of some of the best technical information, resources, articles, and case studies available globally.

The library includes a collection of over 280 PDFs, which are categorized in folders based on six primary topic areas:

  • Alloy Selection and Specification
  • Applications
  • Fabrication/Cleaning
  • Finishes
  • Structural Design
  • Sustainability and Health.

The six areas are further categorized for ease of reference.

The Alloy Selection and Specification folder contains our latest 2014 Specification & Guideline list as well as general information on the different stainless steel alloys and design and specification guidance for corrosive locations. Additionally, there are topic-specific sections on coastal and deicing salt exposure, soil environments, fire resistance, and other areas.

The Applications folder includes subsections on bridges, building exteriors and interiors, historic and new building case studies, and product specific categories such as roofing, ductwork, railings, memorials, roof decks, sinks, swimming pools, sun screens, structural applications and many other topics.

Fabrication has comprehensive brochures on Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steel Fabrication as well as topic-specific information on welding, forming, machining, cleaning, erection and more.

The Finishes folder holds North American and European brochures illustrating the wide range of aesthetic options as well as our 2014 list of European, North American and Asian suppliers who will provide finish samples.  

Structural Design contains the EuroInox structural design manual, articles, and application-specific information on topics like concrete reinforcement, stainless steel and glass, bridges, and other structures.

As new brochures become available and others are updated, this downloadable library will be revised so that it will always represent the best current information available.

Stainless Steel Library for Architects, Engineers & Architectural Fabricators

Continuing Education – American Institute of Architects (AIA)

IMOA is an AIA continuing education system approved provider with eight 1-hour programs that are registered for both live face-to-face and distance learning credit.

1. Stainless Steel Sustainable Design
2. Bioclimatic Design With Stainless Steel Weather Screens
3. Stainless Steel Structural Design
4. Stainless Steel Specification For Corrosive Applications
5. Deicing Salt: Stainless Steel Selection to Avoid Corrosion
6. Stainless Steel Finish Specification
7. Advanced Stainless Steel Specification and Problem Avoidance
8. Specification of Stainless Steel Finishes and Grades For Corrosive Applications

Live in-house workshops are also being scheduled for Chicago, November  3 - 6, 2014.

For more information or to schedule a workshop contact Catherine Houska, 412-369-0377 or email chouska@tmr-inc.com.

What is IMOA?

IMOA (International Molybdenum Association) is a non-profit industry association, which provides technical information to assist with successful specification of molybdenum-containing materials. Molybdenum is an element. When it is added to stainless steel, molybdenum increases its resistance to corrosion caused by deicing salts, coastal atmosphere and pollution.

If you have a topic suggestion for a future issue of Stainless Solutions or need additional technical advice on stainless steel specification and selection, please get in touch here.

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