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Molybdenum products

Many products are made from the mining and processing of ores containing molybdenite (MoS2), including:

Chemical molybdenum products
Used in catalysts, polymer compounding, corrosion inhibitors, and high-performance lubricant formulations, chemical products include pure molybdic oxide and molybdates, and lubricant grade MoS2.

Meltstock molybdenum products
Used as alloy additions to iron, steel, nickel, and titanium alloys, these include technical Mo oxide, ferromolybdenum, and Mo metal pellets.

Molybdenum metal products
These include powder, Mo metal and Mo-base alloy mill products, and products fabricated from them.

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Pure oxide sublimation Furnace

Pure oxide sublimation furnace
(Courtesy of Thompson Creek Metals, USA)