Chemical Mo products

Chemical Mo products available on the market include:

  • lubricant grade molybdenum disulfide (MoS2),
    produced by drying and de-oiling unroasted high purity molybdenite concentrate;
  • sublimed pure molybdic oxide,
    produced by the sublimation of roasted molybdenite concentrate;
  • ammonium heptamolybdate,
  • ammonium octamolybdate,
  • ammonium dimolybdate,
  • calcined pure molybdic oxide, and
  • sodium molybdate,
  • produced by upgrading roasted molybdenite concentrate using wet chemical processes.

Because of their unique characteristics, molybdenum chemicals find extensive use in:

  • desulphurisation catalysts,
  • colourful pigments,
  • corrosion inhibitors,
  • fertilizer micronutrients,
  • flame and smoke suppressants, and
  • lubricants for extreme pressure and temperature operating conditions.

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ADM - Ammonium Dimolybdate

ADM - ammonium dimolybdate
(Courtesy of Molymet, Chile)

AHM - Ammonium Heptamolybdate

AHM - ammonium heptamolybdate
(Courtesy of Molymet, Chile)