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Molybdenum at work in the dentist’s office
Dental instruments need to be hard for the dentist to work efficiently and precisely, and tough enough not to break during procedures. At the same time they have to be hygienic, corrosion resistant and easily sterilized. The molybdenum-containing hardenable surgical stainless steel Type 440A fits these requirements and new, even harder and tougher grades are on the horizon.
A breath of fresh air
Clean air is a basic human need for a healthy life. Yet, advances in living standards (electricity on demand, automobiles, and consumer goods) contribute to air pollution in manufacturing, energy production, and the use of products. As scientists began to understand the connections between air pollution and industrialization, engineers developed technologies to minimize the damage. Molybdenum plays a central role in many of them.
Moly rescues a lady in distress
Since its dedication in New York harbor on October 28, 1886, The Statue of Liberty has become one of the world’s best-known sculptures. However, after nearly 100 years in the aggressive marine environment, galvanic corrosion between the iron framework and the copper skin caused major structural deterioration. Molybdenum-containing stainless steel played a crucial role in restoring this iconic landmark.
Mobile cranes reach higher
Today’s global demand to build infrastructure larger, faster and higher challenges crane manufacturers to keep pace by developing more powerful, versatile and cost-effective equipment. Molybdenum-containing high- and ultra-high-strength steels allow them to push performance boundaries to new heights.
A new stainless steel lighthouse
Lighthouses have been beacons for thousands of years, aiding navigation and guiding mariners to safe shores. New Type 316 stainless steel lighthouses are now making their contribution to safety at sea, reducing maintenance and environmental impact.