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Whale-sized 3D printed art
Although 3D printing is mostly used for industrial manufacturing, it is also an emerging sculptural technique. In Turin, Italy, two artists chose robotically 3D printed stainless steel to realize a near-life-sized whale sculpture; the ropy structure of the printed welds mimics the texture of a humpback whale’s skin. The 2% molybdenum in Type 316L stainless steel help keep the whales’ rough surface stain-free.
Running smoothly with moly
Friction is the resistance encountered when one surface or object moves against another. Often overlooked, friction is a significant cause of wasted energy. Reducing friction in large-scale processes such as power generation, manufacturing, and transportation could dramatically lower energy usage, costs, and emissions. Molybdenum-based lubricants and molybdenum-alloyed steels are poised to usher in this change.
The pulp and paper industry won’t fold
In the age of accelerating digitalization, the paper products industry is often considered a dying business. But is that actually true? In fact, the use of paper goods is growing year on year. Long an important end-use market for molybdenum-containing alloys, applications for stainless steels in pulp and paper processing are also increasing.
Sustainable brilliance at Harvard
A groundbreaking stainless steel sunscreen is revolutionizing climate control at one of Harvard University’s largest buildings, keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter. This tensile façade system combines solar control with cutting-edge design and fabrication techniques, utilizing a lace-like Type 316L stainless steel that offers the delicacy and lightness of sheer fabric.