Conference proceedings

2010 International Seminar on the Applications of Mo in Steels

In June 2010 the International Molybdnum Association and Central Iron and Steel Research Institute (CISRI) hosted an international seminar on applications of Mo in steels in Beijing, China. The seminar focussed on improving steel’s performance in applications while saving resources and protecting the environment by making steels of higher quality. A key element in this approach is molybdenum which, alloyed to steel, significantly improves its properties and adds value.

The seminar heard papers by a number of experts from China and the west, who identified current applications and future uses while focussing on the specific effects of molybdenum in steel. They explained how using molybdenum could bring about more performance with less material and energy use; more value at lower production costs and less pollution.

The Seminar was organised and sponsored by the Beijing Antaike Information Development Co Ltd and also sponsored by Jinduicheng Molybdenum Co, Ltd,China Molybdenum Co, Ltd, Jinzhou New China Dragon MolybdenumCo, Ltd and CoMoTech, Chile.

The proceedings of the Seminar are available in English and Mandarin Chinese.