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Moly to boost batteries?
When developing sustainable technologies such as renewable energy solutions and electric vehicles, power storage is as crucial as power generation. To this end, improving battery performance is an area of enormous scientific interest. Numerous studies show that molybdenum disulfide composites could play a key role in increasing batteries' electrical power, energy storage capacity, recharging speed and stability.
Stainless in Seattle
Type 316 stainless steel adorns the face of a new Seattle infrastructure project: an electrical substation that doubles as a public park. As cities grow and global energy demand continues to rise, the new Denny Substation is a welcome glimpse into what a future powered by accessible, sustainable infrastructure might look like.
Floating towards the future
Like a net frozen in mid-air, a striking footbridge in southern Germany is making a statement about minimalism. This gossamer structure is only possible thanks to the unique characteristics of 2205 duplex stainless steel.
No moly – no life!
Molybdenum is vital for keeping organisms fit and healthy. In fact, molybdenum is an 'essential trace element', which means human, animal and plant life could not survive without it. Its bio-essentiality derives from molybdenum-dependent enzymes that are required not only for human health, but also for the health of the ecosystem as a whole.
The Duplex Dragon
Deep within the Tarim Basin of Xinjiang, China, pipelines transport natural gas as it is extracted and refined for distribution throughout the country. However, gas leakage has been a recurrent issue as a result of pipeline corrosion. Enter the 'Pipeline Dragon': constructed entirely of molybdenum-containing 2205 duplex stainless steel, a new pipeline promises to reduce gas leakage, preventing environmental disaster while conserving resources. At 4,500 tonnes, it is the largest single order of duplex stainless steel in China to date.