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Racing bikes – steel’s great comeback?
Advanced steels and frame designs may now be heralding a new age of racing bicycles. A UK-based racing team has brought steel frames back into the professional bicycle racing circuit. These new frames utilize high-strength, molybdenum-alloyed maraging steel.
Structural stainless steel
Decorative stainless steel panels are widely used in façades, roofs and elevators because they are attractive and long-lasting. Increasingly, engineers now use stainless steel for load-bearing structures in challenging environments. In many cases stainless steel is cost-effective if the whole life cycle of the installation is considered.
Coloring the world
Molybdenum compounds have been used in commercial pigments for over a hundred years. They continue to play an important role in today’s sustainable and environmentally safe colorings.
Keeping it cool
Molybdenum heat sinks are essential to power semiconductor devices that manage the flow of electricity in electronic equipment because they prevent overheating. Molybdenum’s good thermal and electrical conductivity, combined with its low coefficient of thermal expansion, make it the ideal material for this application.
Stainless steel fish scale façade
Molybdenum-containing ferritic stainless steel plays an important role in sustainable construction at the new headquarters of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in Seattle, Washington. The material was utilized in the innovative façade, which helped the building win many awards for its cost- and energy-saving features.