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Stainless rebar keeps traffic flowing
Whether on local streets or major highways, bridges are crucial transportation links – crossing roads, canyons or vast expanses of water. Closing them for repairs causes lengthy delays, time- and fuel-consuming detours and loss of productivity. It is therefore imperative for traffic flow to keep bridges in good condition. Durable molybdenum-containing stainless steel reinforcing bar is increasingly used to extend the service life of new and refurbished bridges, reducing the need for repairs and improving infrastructure investments.
Duplex rigging for glass sails
Canadian-born California architect Frank Gehry’s project for Fondation Louis Vuitton exhibits unprecedented aesthetic innovation and technological sophistication. The spectacular glass sails of the roof appear so light and airy, in large part, thanks to the delicate high-strength molybdenum-containing duplex stainless steel support structure.
Lighting the way to a greener future
LEDs are revolutionizing lighting technology. They are more sustainable than traditional lighting sources because they use much less energy and last much longer. At the same time, lighting can be used in completely new ways. Molybdenum plays a key role in making the sapphire substrate of LED devices and is also important as a heat sink in these lights.
Reinforcing cliffs and walls
Type 316 stainless steel ground and rock anchors keep land from sliding and walls from tumbling. They were used recently to stabilize and reinforce a crucial sea wall in England and an unstable rock face at the Acropolis World Heritage Site in Greece. Molybdenum provides the added corrosion resistance necessary for a long service life even in the most corrosive environments.
Designing a memorial
Pittsburgh has a new memorial made of stainless steel, glass and stone. The work of art is a tribute to the citizenry of Western Pennsylvania. Its building materials are a reflection of the local surroundings and the industries that shaped the region. Thanks to the use of low-maintenance molybdenum-containing stainless steel the area will be graced with a memorial that is both beautiful and lasting.