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Guide to high-performance alloys
It can be difficult and time consuming for engineers to find materials properties beyond the basic ones reported in producer data sheets. This is especially true for lesser-used high-performance alloys. The new High-Performance Alloys Database addresses this problem. It contains a large number of materials properties for each of the 100 or so featured alloys, many involving molybdenum.
Molypermalloy sends clear signals
One of the most important innovations in communications history occurred when telegraph cable designers incorporated loops of wire wound around iron cores into their cables. This “simple” innovation evolved into inductors wound around Molypermalloy Powder cores, which are omnipresent in electronic devices on earth and in space.
Stainless steel sparkles in NYC
The iconic New York City skyline is celebrated in movies and photos. But as a global financial, cultural and business center, it is also constantly changing – particularly now. Buildings are rising at a breathtaking pace and many feature sustainable designs. Molybdenum-containing stainless steel is often key to making them not only beautiful, but also resilient and durable, thus reducing their carbon footprint.
New horizons for London’s tigers
ZSL London Zoo is often noted for its architecture as well as its animals. A revolutionary new enclosure, built from molybdenum-containing stainless steel mesh, maintains the Zoo’s proud tradition of innovation. It creates a bespoke environment for Sumatran tigers, meeting all the big cats’ needs.
Wearing moly gets trendy
In pockets, on noses, wrists and ears, even at the end of a dog lead, molybdenum-containing alloys are part of modern life. This article describes their use in objects designed to entertain, connect, inform, alert, identify, or simply make us stand out!