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Preserving Acropolis artifacts
The thoughts of Socrates and his ancient Greek contemporaries are a foundation of western civilization. The Acropolis and its most famous building, the Parthenon, are physical reminders of our debt to these philosophers. Moly helps to sustain the legacy of these sites in the beautiful new Acropolis Museum, which contains many components made of moly-containing Type 316 stainless steel. The longevity of stainless steel ensures the museum will serve its purpose well for years to come.
Securing molybdenum-99 supply
The molybdenum isotope molybdenum-99 and its decay cousin technetium-99m are extremely helpful and widely used in medical procedures, for example in the diagnosis of cancer. Current production methods for 99Mo are in question because of aging reactors and the use of weapons-grade uranium. Fortunately, some new methods for producing 99Mo are under development and show great promise. If they are successful, molybdenum can continue to play its life-saving role.
Stainless steel weaves its web
Stainless steel wire and rod are used to manufacture a wide variety of woven steel mesh products. They are used in many applications ranging from the eye-catching and spectacular to the unobtrusive and utilitarian. Molybdenum contributes to their growing popularity and success by improving corrosion resistance.
High-strength steel – sustainable and money saving
Molybdenum’s unique properties are often used to deliver sustainability advantages in energy production, energy efficiency, resource conservation and environmental protection. The newly-constructed Friends Arena in Solna Municipality, Stockholm, is a great example of how “a little moly goes a long way” in reducing the environmental impact of a new building and saving cost at the same time.
Super duplex to keep the Vasa safe
A major historic ship preservation project is currently under way in Stockholm.  The galvanized and epoxy coated mild steel bolts used to hold the ship together after it was raised are failing due to corrosion. Molybdenum is a key alloying element in the high-strength, corrosion-resistant super duplex stainless steel Sandvik SAF 2507TM and Sandvik SAF 2707 HDTM bolts that will hold the great ship Vasa together to achieve a minimum design life of 100 years.