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From rails, to ruins, to rebirth
The High Line, a truly unique New York City park, started life as a railway thoroughfare from one end of the city to the other, transporting goods high above the congested streets. After years of neglect and deterioration, the High Line has been reinvented as a dazzling, elevated public space, thanks in no small part to molybdenum-containing stainless steel used in its reconstruction.
Supporting communication cables
Stainless steel lashing wire plays an important part in telecommunication. It keeps aerial cables firmly in place and reduces the risk of cable breaks and service interruptions. Molybdenum-containing stainless steel lashing wire is used particularly in coastal areas to avoid premature corrosion failure of this essential support structure.
New moly-99 sources wanted
Molybdenum-99 is a vital radioactive isotope used to diagnose and detect a range of diseases, including cardiovascular problems and cancer. Millions of patients benefit from nuclear medical imaging technology every year. However, only a few, mostly very old nuclear research reactors worldwide can produce the isotope, so the reliability of its availability causes some concerns. Therefore, a number of new projects are underway to secure safe and stable long-term supply.
PHS – strong, tough and safe
Auto bodies are designed to prevent injuries and save lives when an accident occurs. To protect passengers, while keeping weight to a minimum, requires materials of construction that have both high strength and toughness. Press-hardened steel (PHS) provides these properties and has therefore become the backbone of today’s auto body crash structure. As manufacturers push the limits of protection and lightweighting, they are interested in the benefits of molybdenum alloying in this class of steel.
Wine improves with moly and time
Acid-resistant molybdenum-grade stainless steel vats and related equipment are essential in the production of many alcoholic beverages. They are used in alcoholic fermentation, vinification, aging, storage and transport. Hygienic and easy to clean, they help producers from high end to mass market, creating refined and well-crafted libations.