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Water & sanitation


Stainless Steel Service Pipes: A proven solution to water loss and water quality everywhere
released in 2018
Time to address a global issue
Water leakage is a global problem which is quickly escalating to a crisis in many parts of the world. Some cities are now perilously close to running out of water.
Stainless Steel Pipe - The clear Choice for Pure and Reliable Water Systems
released in 2007

Case studies

Desalination Plants
Water is essential to life but global supplies are under pressure from population growth and may be unable to sustain total demand by 2025. Desalination plants provide reliable, sustainable supplies of fresh water but need to be constructed from materials that can withstand such hostile environments. This case study explores the sustainability benefits of using molybdenum-containing stainless steel in the construction of seawater desalination plants, greatly increasing resistance to corrosion and enabling cost-effective, reliable operation.


Stainless steel seals the deal
Beneath the surface, under streets and buildings, an 'invisible' infrastructure humbly helps to make modern life more efficient, convenient and safe; pipelines that transport drinking water, gas, oil and waste water to and from buildings and across cities, countries and continents. Burying these pipes underground protects them from most forms of damage, and saves space above ground. However, ageing, corrosion, wear and ground movement pose challenges to their integrity, and can lead to leaks which are difficult to locate, access and fix. A rubber pipe seal, secured in place from inside the pipe with molybdenum-containing stainless steel expansion rings, is a convenient and durable solution.
Two-in-one solar panels
This innovative hybrid system combines photovoltaic cells with a molybdenum-containing stainless-steel heat exchanger. It produces both electricity and domestic hot water at the same time, greatly increasing the amount of solar energy extracted per square meter.
Plants need molybdenum
Molybdenum is an essential trace element for the growth of plants. The amount needed is small, and when required, it can be supplied through specific fertilizers.
Stainless steel weaves its web
Stainless steel wire and rod are used to manufacture a wide variety of woven steel mesh products. They are used in many applications ranging from the eye-catching and spectacular to the unobtrusive and utilitarian. Molybdenum contributes to their growing popularity and success by improving corrosion resistance.