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Stainless Steel on Exterior Walls

While it is often associated with modern design, stainless steel has played a significant historic role in the evolution of metal use on the exterior walls of buildings, starting with the Empire State Building in New York. Stainless steel remains a popular cladding material choice because of its longevity, amazing array of finish options, unique structural characteristics, resilience and sustainability.

Stainless steel uses in exterior wall applications are as diverse as the creativity of their designers. We have assembled a master list of informative brochures and articles covering a wide variety of building types and design concepts to stimulate your imagination. Colored stainless steel, traditional curtain wall, sunscreens, solar panels, and spectacular structural glass supported by stainless steel are all illustrated.  If you are aware of other good technical (non-commercial) publicly available articles or brochures that discuss exterior wall stainless steel applications in detail, please send us information and links so that we can continue to expand this resource page.

Please see our information on stainless steel selection and specification before designing your project since each service environment is unique.

New York, USA projects (From left to right:) Goldman Sachs (in background), One World Trade Center, and Seven World Trade Center with the 9/11 Museum Pavilion in the center. All are clad in Type 316L stainless steel.

Photo courtesy of Catherine Houska, TMR Consulting.