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Stainless Environmental Assessment


The site environment, weather, finish, design and probable maintenance schedule all must be determined to identify an appropriate stainless steel. Data on pollution levels and weather are conveniently available on many websites. Links to some of these sites are provided below.


Oceania Weather Data


Bureau of Meteorology

New Zealand:

New Zealand Atmospheric Map




CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, produces corrosion maps of the country.

View CSIRO's national corrosion map and learn about their corrosion mapping program.

Australian Standard AS 4312-2008 details the atmospheric corrosivity zones of Australia

The standard can be purchased here.


New Zealand:

HERA Report R4-133 "NZ Steelwork Coatings Guide” includes a CD with all the NZ corrosion maps and a tool for searching down to small town level.

Order HERA report "NZ Steelwork Coatings Guide"
New Zealand's Corrosivity Map
Wellington City corrosion case study 


Air pollution


Western Australia Air Pollution Data
EPA Victoria Air Pollution Data
New South Wales Air Pollution Data

New Zealand:

Ministry of the Environment