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Selecting Stainless Steel

The system explains the factors that must be considered when selecting stainless steel for exterior applications using a simple scoring system. It consists of a software program and brochure outlining the system, case studies from around the world, and links to the data that you need to evaluate a site (pollution, corrosion maps, climate).

The score should be viewed as a guideline that generates an initial evaluation of stainless steel requirements. The effectiveness of the Stainless Steel Evaluation System is dependant on the user’s correct assessment of the design and site conditions. It is not a precise scientific determination. If your final score is above "3", or if you are not sure whether you have evaluated an application correctly, obtain assistance from a stainless steel corrosion expert with architecture experience (contact IMOA at for details). If the design characteristics, maintenance schedules, or exposures of components vary significantly, calculate a score for each application.

See the case studies (English and Spanish) that use this system and the Climate & Pollution Data Resources.

Stainless Steel Selection Literature

International Specifications, Guidelines & Industry Associations
released in 2014
International list of stainless steel product, material and welding specifications, structural design resources, basic specification rules and resource sites.
Selecting Stainless Steel for Optimum Performance
released in 2010
Which Stainless Steel Should Be Specified for Exterior Applications?
released in 2005

Free interactive Stainless Steel Evaluation Software Program

Stainless Steel Evaluation Software Program
IMOA Site and Design Evaluation System
released in 2006
This program is designed to help specifiers select appropriate stainless steels and surface finishes for applications where corrosion staining is aesthetically unacceptable, even if there is no structural deterioration.

It should be read with the IMOA Leaflet "Which Stainless Steel Should Be Specified for Exterior Applications?" (s. above), which explains how surface finish, design, the type of stainless steel, and maintenance influence performance.

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