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Stainless steel drainage systems ensure high quality, hygienic drainage with minimum maintenance. They can be installed in buildings and in underground environments as part of a low profile drainage system. A wide range of drain opening grills, channels and pipe fixtures are readily available. When stainless steel is selected for this application it is important to consider the composition of the fluid. Type 316 and more corrosion resistant duplex stainless steels should be considered when drainage systems are used in soil environments in coastal areas or where there is deicing salt use. Systems that drain water away from sidewalks where deicing salt is used can also be particularly corrosive.

Photo: IMOA
Type 316 was used for the covers, channels and piping in this sidewalk drainage system. It was selected because deicing salt is used during the winter months.

More information about these products and application examples can be found in the following brochures.

Floor drains for exterior applications
Floor drains for interior applications
The “Anchored Mirror” set into the Basque-coast rocks