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Stainless steel used in innovative bioclimatic sustainable architecture


In an article, published in the October issue of Construction Canada, IMOA consultant Catherine Houska discusses the new concepts involved in creating bioclimatic sustainable architecture including the new innovative hybrid second-skin designs incorporating shading systems currently being used on award-winning projects around the world.

In Designing with stainless steel: Bioclimatic hybrid facades, Catherine Houska writes: “Bioclimatic architecture refers to designing buildings and spaces (interior and exterior) using local climatic conditions to improve thermal and visual comfort. These designs incorporate systems that provide protection from summer sun, reduce winter heat loss and make use of the environment (eg. sun, air, wind, vegetation, water, soil and sky) for heating, cooling and lighting buildings.”

Most of the projects mentioned in the article use Type 316/316L stainless steel which contains a molybdenum addition to improve corrosion resistance when buildings are exposed to low to moderately corrosive coastal and de-icing chloride salts and moderate industrial or higher urban pollution levels.

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