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Cleaning & Erection

The inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel often makes it possible to restore surfaces after years of neglect when other materials may have suffered too much deterioration to make that feasible. This assumes an appropriately corrosion-resistant stainless steel and durable finish have been selected for the project.  Proper installation and regular maintenance are the best means of assuring that stainless steel will retain its attractive appearance.

After over 40 years of service, the stainless steel on the Socony Mobil Building in New York City was restored to its original appearance with mild environmentally friendly cleaners.

Photo courtesy of Allegheny Technologies

As with any other material, unsightly surface deposits can accumulate after many years of service. Accidents, vandalism, use of inappropriate cleaning procedures, and installation issues can make surfaces unsightly, cause damage, or even lead to rapid surface corrosion. Finish restoration is often possible with the right remediation approach. A recent article in The Construction Specifier, ”Cleaning and maintaining stainless steel” provides guidance for removing a wide range of substances from stainless steel surfaces without finish damage.

Cleaning & Maintaining Stainless Steel was published in Stainless Steel World News, Issue 117, April 2017, pages 6-7, author Catherine Houska, editor Matjaž Matošec. It provides guidance on both standard and some common remedial cleaning issues  so that surface damage is avoided or minimized.