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International experts address high-performance steel symposium in Shanghai


An international group of metallurgy experts and metal industry leaders gathered at Shanghai University last month for IMOA's 2018 Molybdenum and Steel Symposium.

Hosted by the Chinese Society for Metals and Shanghai University, and co-hosted by the China Special Steel Association, the event welcomed fourteen industry experts and scholars from the People's Republic of China (PRC) and around the world, giving presentations based around the theme of 'Development, Production and Application of Advanced Carbon Steel, High Performance Engineering Steel and Special Steel Castings".

Organized by Shanghai University's Center for Advanced Solidification Technology (CAST), the forum attracted an audience of more than 150 scholars, engineers and scientists from academia, research institutes and industries engaged in the R&D, production and application of molybdenum-containing steel. The event, held on 28-29 November, was sponsored by the China Molybdenum Application Promotion Group, an International Molybdenum Association (IMOA) initiative encouraging the development of molybdenum use by companies and organizations in the PRC molybdenum industry.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Professor Zhai, CAST Director, Shanghai University. Gao Huai, Secretary General of the Chinese Society for Metals, addressed the conference, noting the importance of molybdenum in developing advanced steel materials for PRC's emerging strategic industries.

Cheng Fangfang, Board Chairman of Jinduicheng Molybdenum Group Co Ltd, highlighted the differences in the use of molybdenum-containing steel in PRC compared with Europe and the US, and welcomed the role of the forum in promoting cooperation between industry and academia.

In his address, Tim Outteridge, IMOA Secretary-General, noted that high-quality steels with excellent performance are needed in China more than ever, while Wang Huaishi, Secretary General of China Special Steel Enterprise Association, spoke about the importance of molybdenum in special steel, remarking that its use in emerging industries in PRC is set to increase.

The forum's technical program then opened with a keynote address on molybdenum-alloyed gray cast iron by Dong Han from Shanghai University, and a presentation entitled 'Molybdenum alloying – more than hardenability' by Professor Hardy Mohrbacher of Niobelcon.

The rest of the presentations were grouped into sessions covering advanced carbon steel, special steel casting, and high-performance engineering steel, with subjects ranging from molybdenum use in ultra-supercritical steam turbines to the current and future role of special steel in the PRC automotive industry. Closing speeches were given by Nicole Kinsman, Technical Director, IMOA, and Professor Zhai.

Commenting on the event, Tim Outteridge, IMOA Secretary-General, said: "The PRC government's 'self-reliance' strategy recognises the need for PRC to utilise advanced high-quality steels with excellent performance.

"The research results and application examples that were shared here today demonstrated that the benefits of using molybdenum to improve steel quality go far beyond just increasing strength and hardness, making it ideal for today's advanced manufacturing techniques and high-end applications. I would like to thank our hosts and co-hosts and all those organisations and individuals who have worked hard to make this event such a great success," he added.





Notes for editors

IMOA is a non-profit trade association. We currently represent around 90% of mine production and almost all conversion capacity outside PRC. We also represent some mining and conversion capacity within PRC.

Molybdenum is added to steels and cast irons to improve strength, toughness, hardenability and weldability for numerous applications in the automotive, shipbuilding, construction, mining, chemical, oil & gas and energy generation industries.

In stainless steels and superalloys, it improves corrosion resistance and high-temperature performance and finds uses in many industrial applications. It is also used in a variety of products from catalysts and lubricants to pigments and paint.

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