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IMOA reviews successful 25th anniversary year


The International Molybdenum Association (IMOA) has published its Annual Review for 2012/13, recording the notable achievements and successes of the last twelve months.

Tim Outteridge, Secretary-General, said: “In this 25th anniversary year of the first meeting of the Association, we have completed several long-term objectives and continued to deliver further important benefits for our membership.

“IMOA’s REACH Molybdenum Consortium (MoCon) completed its twelfth and final chemical risk assessment technical dossier for molybdenum substances. Likewise it began the important ongoing task of periodic dossier updates as required by the EU REACH Regulation. The Consortium also supported several members and Letter of Access purchasers with their REACH co-registrations. Alongside this activity, our HSE Committee continues its work to support the safe production and scientifically appropriate regulation of molybdenum around the world with a program of research, regulatory dialogue and information dissemination activities.

“IMOA’s Market Development team and Committee reported another productive year, organizing a major international symposium on Mo and Nb alloying in high performance steels and continuing their engagement with the steel industry. Another notable success was the culmination of an international effort, initiated by IMOA, to develop a design guide for structural stainless steel applications in the U.S. The guide, published in September 2013 by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), removes a significant barrier to the use of stainless steel in heavy structures.”

The ‘Application of Molybdenum Metal and its Alloys’ brochure was completely revised to include the latest information on the use of moly metal and its alloys, its fabrication, and why it is the material of choice in a wide range of applications.

The Association’s website was last overhauled several years ago and has since amassed a large amount of additional content. Following an online survey, the site was refreshed with a modern design which further improved ease of navigation and access to content. 

“Sustainability continues to be an important theme in our communications, with several additions to content on the new website pages, including the first three in a series of case studies highlighting molybdenum’s contribution to sustainable development in different sectors,” said Mr Outteridge.

“Two studies examine the role of molybdenum in sustainable buildings and the third evaluates its application in thin film photovoltaic panels,” he added.


Notes for editors
IMOA is a non-profit trade association representing the interests of most of the world’s molybdenum producers and converters, as well as consumers and traders.  

Molybdenum is added to steels and cast irons to improve strength, toughness, hardenability and weldability for numerous applications in the automotive, shipbuilding, construction, mining, chemical, oil & gas and energy generation industries.    

In stainless steels and superalloys, it improves corrosion resistance and high-temperature performance and finds uses in many industrial applications.  It is also used in a variety of products from catalysts and lubricants to pigments and paint.

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