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Other molybdenum substances

The International Molybdenum Association has the phys-chem and toxicological datasets for the substances listed below. If you are the Turkiye-REACH Lead Registrant for one (or more) of these substances you are welcome to contact IMOA to obtain a data-sharing Licence.

Molybdenum substances
  EC No. CAS No. LR
Molybdenum 231-107-2 7439-98-7 ??
Disodium Molybdate 231-551-7 7631-95-0 & 10102-40-6 ??
Diammonium Dimolybdate 248-517-2 27546-07-2 ??
Hexammonium Heptamolybdate 234-722-4 1207-67-7 &12054-85-2 ??
Tetraammonium Hexamolybdate 235-650-6 125411-64-2 ??
Molybdenum Dioxide 242-637-9 18868-43-4 ??
Molybdenum Sulfide (MoS2), roasted 289-178-0 86089-09-0 ??
Calcium Molybdate 232-192-9 7789-82-4 ??
Slags, Ferromolybdenum 282-217-2 84144-95-6 ??