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A World with Molybdenum – a new video from IMOA


The International Molybdenum Association (IMOA) has released a new video looking at the role of molybdenum in everyday life. ‘A World with Molybdenum’ is designed to be a short introduction to an element which people may struggle to name, despite its use in applications all around us.

Molybdenum is a naturally occurring element, found all around us and in a myriad of applications including transport, construction, energy generation, utilities, agriculture and medicine. It is also essential – meaning that life cannot be sustained without it.

Commenting on the video, Tim Outteridge, IMOA Secretary-General, said: “We encounter applications involving molybdenum numerous times a day, but a lot of people will be unaware of the extent to which our everyday lives are touched by it.

“Molybdenum is used in aircraft, car engines, power stations and skyscrapers, in hospitals, electronics, agriculture, manufacturing and oil refining. What we have tried to do in the video is to show the remarkable depth and breadth of its applications in an entertaining and informative way.”

“Molybdenum also plays a vital role in bodily processes, helping to get rid of toxins and waste products. It is also an essential micronutrient for plants and animals, ” he added.

The new video is available to view here.




Notes for editors

IMOA is a non-profit trade association representing the interests of most of the world’s molybdenum producers and converters, as well as consumers and traders.

Molybdenum is added to steels and cast irons to improve strength, toughness, hardenability and weldability for numerous applications in the automotive, shipbuilding, construction, mining, chemical, oil & gas and energy generation industries.    

In stainless steels and superalloys, it improves corrosion resistance and high-temperature performance and finds uses in many industrial applications. It is also used in a variety of products from catalysts and lubricants to pigments and paint.

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