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Molybdenum use and production at an all-time high


Global use of molybdenum reached a new record high of 537.1 million lbs in 2011.Full-year figures from the International Molybdenum Association (IMOA) also show global production at a new record of 534.6 million lbs for the year.

The greatest usage of molybdenum in 2011 was recorded in China, where use increased from 148.5 million lbs in 2010 to 168.0 million lbs in 2011.Europe recorded the second biggest share with 133 million lbs, up from 113.9 million lbs in 2010.The USA and Japan were the third and fourth largest users of molybdenum accounting for 76.7 and 60.8 million lbs respectively.

North America remained the biggest molybdenum producing area in 2011, with production increasing to 183.1 million lbs.Production in China rose to 177.0 million lbs.South America was the third largest region, accounting for 129.7 million lbs in 2011, with other molybdenum producing regions contributing 44.8 million lbs.

New figures for the fourth quarter of 2011, also released, saw China’s molybdenum production rise fractionally from 47.1 in the third quarter of 2011 to 47.4 million lbs in Q4. The same quarter saw North American production fall from 45.9 in Q3 to 39.4 million lbs in Q4, with production in South America rising from 31.9 in Q3 to 32.1 million lbs in Q4.

China used 44.5 million lbs in Q4 compared with 31.7 million lbs in Europe. The USA and Japan used 18.3 and 15.0 million lbs respectively.

Tim Outteridge, IMOA’s Secretary-General, commented: “In terms of both production and use, 2011 was another record-breaking year for molybdenum.”


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