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More stainless steel ‘webinars’ to follow initial success


Catherine Houska, a consultant to the International Molybdenum Association (IMOA) and one of the world’s leading experts in architectural metals, is planning a series of webinars – on-line tutorials – following the success of her initial sessions in November and early December.

She has conducted two webinars for the Construction Specification Institute, during which participants could see materials, hear Catherine and ask questions in real time.

In her first 90-minute session, she spoke on the subject of “Advanced stainless steel specification and problem avoidance,” which was aimed at professionals with an understanding of the basics of stainless steel who wanted to expand their knowledge.

Catherine compared new stainless steel options for differences in strength, formability, weldability, corrosion and available finishes. She also summarised new data on the fire, impact and seismic performance of stainless steel.

The second 60-minute session dealt with selecting stainless steel to avoid corrosion caused by de-icing salts. Attendees heard that de-icing salts used to clear roads of snow and ice can cause significant damage to architectural metals and other building materials. Damage has been found more than a mile from treated roads and up as high as the 59th floor of a high-rise building.

She showed her audience how to use the IMOA stainless steel selection system, in conjunction with weather, pollution and salt exposure information, to pick the right stainless steel with the finish and design detailing to achieve performance objectives.

Catherine said: “Both of the webinars were very successful and they allowed me to disseminate a considerable amount of knowledge to decision makers simultaneously who might not otherwise have an opportunity to attend one of our stainless steel seminars. We can offer information to a much larger audience and attendees do not need to leave their offices.

“Three more webinars are scheduled for the CSI in late January and early February and all five of the programs are expected to be made available in the Webinars On-Demand section of the website.”

The topics will be: selecting stainless steel to avoid corrosion; stainless steel finish specification and advanced stainless steel specification and problem avoidance.

More details will be available on the CSI website ( nearer the time.

Catherine Houska

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