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Molybdenum production rises


Global production of molybdenum rose in the second quarter of this year, figures released by the International Molybdenum Association (IMOA) show a total of 129.1 million lbs of molybdenum was produced, compared with 119.3 million lbs in the first quarter of the year.

China was the biggest producer with 44 million lbs, followed by North America with 41.1 million lbs; South America with 29.7 million lbs and other producing countries accounting for 14.3 million lbs.

China again led the way in usage, consuming 39.7 million lbs, followed by Europe, which used 30.9 million lbs. The USA used 17.5 million lbs; Japan 15.4 million lbs; CIS 5.1 million lbs with other countries using 14.9 million lbs, giving a total usage for the second quarter of 123.5 million lbs.

IMOA now releases quarterly statistics as part of a strategic plan initiative to improve services to its members.

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