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Shenzhen’s secondary water supply systems


One in three people worldwide live without access to clean drinking water. Even major cities with established utilities are projected to fall short of demand for potable water. One of these cities is Shenzhen: China’s first free-trade zone and unofficial innovation capital. An ambitious plan specifies molybdenum-containing Type 316 stainless steel distribution systems as a solution to water loss.

© Fabio Ries

In 1980, Shenzhen was a sleepy fishing village of a few thousand. One taxi pulling a wooden cart served the whole town. Today, it’s a bustling city of 17.5 million people and an innovation and tech hub, indispensable to the global supply chain. Shenzhen’s location on China’s southern coast, adjoining Hong Kong, made it the ideal testing ground for the export-driven economic model that defines the modern era. Shenzhen sees the growing reliance on its strained water resources not as a hurdle, but as a catalyst for better infrastructure. The city unveiled targets for improved water resources by 2025, even promising a clean drink from the tap – a first for modern China. Type 316 stainless steel secondary water supply systems are being implemented across Shenzhen to minimize wastage of this most precious resource. With support from the central government, it is expected that other municipalities will emulate Shenzhen’s plan and reduce leakage throughout the country.

Find out more about Shenzhen’s ambitious plan and the crucial role that molybdenum plays in achieving their goals.

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