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Highlights of IMOA’s activity 2016/17


  IMOA has published its Annual Review for 2016/17. Tim Outteridge, Secretary-General, said: “IMOA’s principal mission is to develop and maintain access to markets for our members. This review highlights notable outcomes from our ongoing programs in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) and Market Development (MD) in support of that objective.”

“The HSE Committee closely monitors developments in the international regulatory arena, engaging in dialogue with authorities where necessary. This year, the Committee contributed to the evaluation of molybdenum trioxide by the International Agency on Research into Cancer (IARC). In the U.S., the Committee made a technical submission to a formal rule review process, the outcome of which was the removal of molybdenum and molybdenum compounds from a list of Chemicals of High Concern to Children under Washington State’s Children’s Safe Products Rule.

“Our MD activities focused on sharing technical advice and promoting molybdenum-alloyed grades for the automotive, structural and stainless steel sectors. We also sponsored research to develop and demonstrate new and expanded uses for molybdenum. In China, a major potential market, we helped to establish the China Molybdenum Application and Promotion Group (CMAPG), and we are working with major manufacturers and associations to promote stainless steel in architectural applications.”

“Communications also plays an important role in raising awareness of molybdenum’s properties. A concise and informative video, ‘A World with Molybdenum’, has been developed to complement the extensive information already available on our website. We also published a brochure exploring molybdenum’s role in the biology of humans, animals and plants entitled ‘Molybdenum – Essential for Life’,” he added.

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